font scape街の風景から文字を集めて、その街の書体を作るプロジェクト。

株式会社 小さな都市計画







Tokyo’s landscape is made up of signs, we can say. The letters and characters we see while we walk in the city,
is deeply embedded in our minds. We cut off the letters, and collect it.
We turn the each city’s collected alphabet and Katakana into font for book and PC.
The letters will be detached from the meanings of original store names etc, and becomes a form by itself.
When we read the book, even if the letter is taken from the city we went,
sometimes there are letters from which we can’t remember the store name.
When we walk the city inside our memory, and when we try to remember where the letter was,
we remember the environment such as smell and sound that are attached to the letter.
The city turns into pieces, and meanings are bleached, thus we can simulate the experience of the city itself.

001 吉祥寺フォント(自主事業)
002 小金井フォント(中央線ラインモール)
003 広島フォント(個人有志)
004 西荻窪フォント(NPO法人KISS)
005 渋谷フォント(桑沢デザイン研究所学生有志)
006 阿佐ヶ谷フォント(「ふかすぎ」誌面企画)
007 高円寺フォント(「ふかすぎ」誌面企画)
008 谷保フォント(npo法人くにたち富士見台人間環境キーステーション)
009 日野フォント(ひの市民大学)
010 大森フォント(アトレ大森)