株式会社 小さな都市計画






We convert the store with a residence into an atelier.
It faces the shopping street where homeless people live. There are vacant spaces scattered in the vicinity. In this intense context, I controlled opening / closing, aimed at balancing between a place opened for stimulation of creativity and a cozy place to spend hours and days.

There was a need for considering the wooden building performance for several decades before. The OSB used inside the wall for earthquake-resistant. Nonflammable insulation material was used as the finishing material. The aluminum film of the heat insulation reflexes moderately to create the depth of the space, and it became a room with a sense of transparency. Entrance, window frame, fixtures all uses OSB, contrasting with transparency and texture.

The adjacent land is a vacant space, and two small windows were newly made. One is placed at a level close to the ground in order to capture weeds naturally growing in the adjacent land. The other was placed near the ceiling, according to the higher floor level of the box furniture which is the workspace. It is an opening that is framing the sky of the neighbor.

The entrance exchanged two aluminum sashes to one, sliding door so that it is connected to the front shopping street. The cantilevered steel angle on the frame of the OSB is the rail of the door. To reinforce the surface of the doorway side, it was possible to realize an open opening by preventing the distortion by making the angle a vertically long handle.

Location:Taito, Japan
Area:75.0 m2
Project Year:2014
Photographs:Satoshi Asakawa
Construction:AZ Construction + Self building